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Technical data

Control cable
according to DIN-VDE 0281-0295 IEC 228cl.6 – 332.1

Operating temperature
-30 C°/+80 C°

Operating voltage
Uo/u 300/500 V

Voltage test
3.000 V

Radius of curvature
10 times the external diameter

Translation speed
140 meters per minute

Cable structure

thin strands in red copper according to VDE 0295 cl.6 IEC 228 cl.6
polyethylene insulation
colored DIN 47100

External sheath
· PVC special self-extinguishing anti-abrasion oil and flame retardant according to IEC 332.1
· green color

Red copper
Cover-up 90% according to EMC 2014/30/CE


Multipole cable designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of complex automations. the PVC anti-abrasion outer sheath combined with the particular cable structure allows it to be used in high-speed cable chains (140 m / min max) and sustained accelerations.

Date of update 26/09/2018

codeformazione cavoexternal diametertype of shielding
FFRHC 1503x(2x0,14)
10,5double shielding
FFRHC 2003x2x0,34+2x0,58,2total shielding
FFRHC 2504x2x0,25+2x18,5total shielding
FFRHC 3004x(2x0,34)11,5double shielding
FFRHC 3604x2x0,34+4x0,59,5total shielding

Progettiamo e realizziamo cavi elettrici per l’automazione a specifica del cliente

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