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Technical data

Conductor resistance
max 57,1 Ohm/km at 20°

Operating temperature
Fixed installation -30 C°/+70 C°

Voltage test
3,6 kV

150 Ohm +/- 10%

Radius of curvature
mobile installation 15 times the external diameter

Cable structure

in red copper insulated in PE

red – green

External sheath
· Violet PVC (internal)
· Black PE (external)
· Purple polyurethane (mobile installation)

aluminum sheet plus tinned copper stocking cover-up 100%


Cable suitable for the connection of L2-Bus system components according to Profibus standards according to DIN 19245-T3 and EN 50170. Used to exchange information between different automation systems and to connect decentralized serial units.

Date of update 20/07/2017

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